5 different sighthound breeds

We all know what a greyhound is. But did you know that there are different types of greyhounds and that they are all different from each other?

We all know what a greyhound is. But did you know that there are different types of greyhounds and that they are all different from each other?

Today we will tell you about the most famous sighthound breeds and their characteristics.

Various sighthound breeds


Due to its very long coat, this is one of the most eye-catching sighthound breeds (which also adorns our contribution picture). It is smooth, velvety and golden. It may seem like an obstacle to doing your job, but it is not.

This animal can reach a speed of up to 60 km / h and trot indefinitely at 20 km / h.

As the name implies, it comes from Afghanistan. Until recently, it was almost impossible to acquire a specimen, because the ancient civilizations considered the animal a national treasure.

The few Afghans that were found in Spain, for example, belonged to the nobility. This went on until the British exported him and he spread from there to the west.

Russian greyhound

The Russian greyhound is so tall, elegant and slim that it attracts everyone’s attention. He is also known as Borzoi and for a long time he shared the life of the Czars and Russian nobles who used him to hunt wolves.

Apart from wolves, the animals also hunted rabbits. Now you may be able to better imagine what speeds they can achieve. However, the nobles most admired the beauty of the creatures, which is why they opened the doors of their palaces to them.

Azawakh Greyhound

This greyhound comes from Africa, where he lived near the desert. It is believed that he was bred by the Tuareg tribe. It is used in rabbit and rabbit hunting, as it can reach speeds of up to 40 km / h.

Unlike other sighthound breeds, this is higher than longer. For many years he was the symbol of the tribe, which is why they did not even consider exporting it. In the 1970s he finally reached Europe.

This was done thanks to a hunter who saved his tribe from being attacked by elephants and received a greyhound as a gift.

Scottish greyhound

He does not look like a greyhound if it were not for his long paws and slender body. Because of his power and speed, this dog in Scotland was hunted for rabbits and wild boar.

We do not know exactly where the first examples of this breed come from. Some say the Phoenicians brought them to Scotland, others say they were the Celts.

His long coat seems just made to withstand the cold, Scottish winter. By the way, the long coat is not available on the paws. They are almost uncovered, as in sheep.

Banjara Greyhound

This greyhound breed is not very well known because it comes from Banjara. This is located in India and is actually the only place where you know the dogs. Many even think that this is not a race of their own.

His long, large and strong appearance suggests that it is indeed a greyhound. In his face, on the other hand, there are features that show that other races exist. That is why many doubt its origins.

However, because of his speed and abilities, we found him to earn a place among the most famous greyhounds.

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