5 of the Nordic dog breeds

They are very easy to recognize because of their enormously thick fur. In the following article, we inform you about some of the Nordic dog breeds.

They are very easy to recognize and identify due to their enormously thick fur, through which they can easily stay in snow and cold. In the following article, we inform you about some of the Nordic dog breeds.

Which Nordic dog breeds are there?

Although we can find them today almost all over the world, the Nordic dog breeds have developed in an environment where it is mostly cold. Therefore, they have a very thick coat and are used for pulling sledges. Some of them are:

  • Siberian Husky

Of course, we can not start the list of Nordic dog breeds, without naming the most famous of them all. The Siberian Husky (cover picture) was bred by a tribe as a pet to guard deer, pull sleds and keep the children warm.

Similar in appearance to a wolf, this dog is medium-sized, has a very thick white coat with black or brown spots and in most cases blue eyes. As for his characteristics, he is an intelligent animal, howls instead of barking love to live in a herd and is very resistant to physical exertion.

  • Samoyed

Did you know that this dog is known as “the always smiling”? That comes from his expression. It is a breed from northern Russia that was bred by nomad shepherds to help guard the herds, pull the sledges and warm the owners at night, as does the husky.

The Samoyed is completely white (it has a double layer of fur) with the exception of the nose and the eyes, which are black. Another special feature is the tail that hangs over his back as if he were a “hook”. He has a lot of vitality, is not very good as a guard dog and he keeps his momentum into old age.

  • Alaskan Malamute

It is one of the oldest sled dogs. He looks very similar to the wolf and has the ability to pull large loads over long distances. This breed has plenty of gray, black and white fur, its tail curves over the back and its ears are pointed.

As far as behavior is concerned, Alaskan Malamute is rather playful, loyal to his owner and protects children. He likes large open spaces outdoors, is brave, very energetic and prefers to be accompanied by other dogs in a herd.

  • Norwegian Elk dog

This is a Nordic dog breed, which also originated in this region, more precisely in Norway. Here he is considered a national dog. Elk dog means “moose hunter” because that was his first task.

Nowadays it is also used as a hunting, shepherd, protection or defense dog. He is very persistent and resistant to low temperatures, he is also known for being brave and not afraid of animals bigger than him. The coat is gray, white and black and his body is very compact and sturdy.

  • Karelian bear dog

The last dog on the list of Nordic breeds originally came from Karelia in Finland and was used for hunting from the beginning (especially for bears, hence the name). His thick black coat with white spots allows him to adapt to the harsh Scandinavian weather conditions.

It is a very old breed of medium size, robust and strong, with rounded ears and thick curved tail. It is a courageous, nimble and very resistant dog. Although all senses are very well developed, eyesight and sense of smell are his “strengths”.

If you want to keep a Nordic dog, you have to pay close attention to its needs, as it does not tolerate heat and needs a lot of exercise every day.

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