8 dogs with a unique coat

Look at these dogs with a unique coat … you will never forget them.

We know that all dogs are unique and incomparable. However, there are dogs that attract extra attention and stand out from the crowd because of their patches of fur. Here you will meet dogs with a unique coat!

Beautiful dogs with a unique coat

There is no doubt that our pets leave marks in our hearts, but it is also true that they can have traces on their fur that make them even more special beings. Look at these dogs with a unique coat … you will never forget them:

The eyebrow dog

People do not have the same facial expressions as dogs, and one of the reasons for this is that they do not have eyebrows that allow them to express surprise, anger, or joy (though they have other options to do so). Since dogs do not have sweat on their forehead, they do not need a barrier to protect their eyes.

There is a beautiful little dog with a unique coat, born with two thick eyebrows over his eyes. Because his face is white, the contrast is even more noticeable. You would definitely like to see him when he is happy! And if you look closely at his nose, it looks like he has a little black mustache too. As if he were Charles Chaplin … all he needs is his hat and his stick and that’s it.

The scientist dog

The funny story of this dog is that he spends many hours looking through the microscope in his laboratory (for which illness he is looking for a cure?). Until one day his colleagues played a trick on him and painted on the lenses. As soon as the dog put his eyes to the microscope to see microorganisms … his coat was marked around the eyes with two black circles!

The heart dogs

It is absolutely true that our pets are full of love … but we never imagined that they could demonstrate it so directly. This beautiful chihuahua has a heart-shaped mark in the middle of the chest. And the strangest thing is that his puppy was born with the same marker in the same place! Both are certainly more than loving.

The dog with two faces

Surely you know the character “Two-Face” by Marvel (he appears in the story of Batman). Maybe this dog wanted to pay tribute to his hero and that’s why he has a perfect split in his face, half white and half black. So that it does not seem unoriginal, he also has a two-colored body (black on his back and white on his stomach). He could also be called “Yin Yang”.

The bird dog …

… or angels, in our opinion. For some, it may seem as if a bird had landed on his face, for others, that a guardian angel protected him. What no one can deny is that this strange black spot is worth seeing on his white face. He is so beautiful!

The bottled dog

We were not mistaken in character. We are talking about a beautiful puppy with a unique coat that seems to have his legs dipped in a container of black paint. It also looks like he is wearing socks! He knows how to go with fashion!

The dog with the mask

The pigmentation on the fur of animals can be very strange. In this case, we have a beautiful old dog with a brown face and a black mask. Is he maybe a fan of Zorro? Or did he want to go to the carnival in Venice?

The Batman dog

If he is tall, this dog could fight against the evil (and against the two-face dog we showed you before). He already has the superhero costume on! Will you give him a driver’s license so he can drive around in the Batmobile?

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