A dog with a backcomb

The Thai Ridgeback comes from eastern Thailand and has a very special feature. Learn more about this extraordinary breed.

The Thai Ridgeback is a little-known breed outside its country (Thailand), except for lovers of this type of dog. We introduce you to a race with unusual physical characteristics, which makes it so unique.

History of the Thai Ridgeback

This breed comes from the east of Thailand and most specimens still live there today. There are no documents that say since when the Thai Ridgeback exists, although similar dogs can be traced back to three centuries.

The Thai Ridgeback was created in a natural way. That is, he was not crossed to achieve a certain physical appearance or to improve a character.

Due to the isolation of eastern Thailand with the rest of the country and the continent, these dogs have evolved without mixing their genes with other breeds.

This dog breed did not have a specific job to do: On the contrary, it performs small tasks but is not specialized in any of them.

First, this breed is a hunter of small animals that can threaten the home, such as rats or snakes. He is also a watchdog and of course a companion.

Features of Thai Ridgeback

The Thai Ridgeback is a short-haired dog, medium in size and slightly longer than tall. The special feature that gives the breed its name and makes it a special dog, is the spine, which protrudes on the back and forms a comb.

The Thai Ridgeback has a flat skull and the muzzle is oblong and wedge-shaped. When he is relaxed, wrinkles appear on his forehead and he carries his ears upright over his head.

He usually has a speckled tongue, which can be quite black or bluish.

It is a thin but muscular dog with a prominent belly and a deep chest. The neck is strong and can form wrinkles even when the head is raised. The tail is straight and thin, set high and has the shape of a whip.

He is always monochrome: red, black, blue-gray or beige. The hair of the comb should always point in the opposite direction from the rest of the coat to accentuate the area well.

The behavior of the Thai Ridgeback

The Thai Ridgeback is a versatile dog that has great adaptability. He was used a lot as a guard dog, so he is closely tied to his family. Therefore, he mistrusts strangers until they turn out to be welcome.

However, it is a primitive breed, so it is most stubborn and obstinate. He is also an energetic animal who, although he enjoys playing with other dogs, has three long walks a day to meet his needs.

Due to its primitive character, traditional training or the use of penalties does not work in this breed. On the other hand, a positive education or training that seeks the cooperation of the dog and camouflages the orders as games is very successful.

Care of the Thai Ridgeback

In contrast to other dog breeds with a back crest like the Rhodesian Ridgeback, the Thai Ridgeback has no hereditary diseases. However, the unusual shape of his spine can lead to hip dysplasia.

In any case, you must have him examined regularly by a trusted veterinarian and he will determine the preventive treatments he deems necessary. In the same way, you have to comply with the vaccinations and worming that he suggests.

Thanks to its short hair, grooming is limited to regular brushing during coat change to remove loose hair.

Due to wrinkles, some specimens may develop irritation and another discomfort. Therefore, constant external checks are necessary to immediately detect any problems that occur.

The Thai Ridgeback is a dog with a special feature that he shares only with a few breeds: the crest on his back. His short hair, but with clearly defined colors, gives this dog a unique look and an extraordinary body.

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