Control of your puppy’s weight and activity

Obesity is a common problem in dogs, but controlling the puppy’s weight and helping him stay active will reduce the risk and improve his quality of life.

Puppies grow very quickly in the early stages of their life, so it is important to control their weight carefully. An obese puppy can easily end up being obese as an adult if their diet and behavior are not carefully controlled.

Dogs are energetic animals by nature and get that energy from fat. If your food contains too much fat and you don’t get enough activity, you will gain weight. Excess weight can put pressure on the skeleton, resulting in joint problems and overexertion of the main organs. Therefore, keeping your dog at a healthy weight and in good shape can help improve his quality of life.

What to do to control your puppy’s weight

Give him a nutritionally balanced food that gives him the right combination of nutrients and an appropriate proportion of fat and protein to help them grow without gaining excessive weight.

Establish a feeding routine: always feed him in the same place, in the same container and at the same times of the day. This will help you know when it’s time to eat and regulate your eating habits.

Give several meals a day with controlled amounts at specific times. Start with three meals a day and, when the growth phase is over, remove one meal. This will have a better distributed energy intake and digestion is facilitated.

Allow him to explore the environment after two months of age. You must get used to where you live to be able to play and consume energy with confidence. At first you should guide and supervise it during the game, especially if there are children around.

Weigh it often and adjust the food rations according to the instructions on the package. This is especially important if it is of a small breed, because it will grow faster than a large dog and, therefore, will need more frequent adjustments.

Give toys to encourage active behavior. Dogs love cardboard boxes, and rubber toys last a long time. To prevent your puppy from getting choked or swallowing small parts, give only toys that are twice the size of its mouth.

What should not be done to control the puppy’s weight

Do not treat the puppy like a human. Dogs do not need variety in their diet: choose a single type of nutritionally balanced food and accustom them a routine so that the procedures are simple and understandable.

Do not feed him with leftovers, as these can significantly increase the amount of energy (and fat) that you provide to the puppy. It can also encourage inappropriate behavior such as begging at the table.

Don’t give the puppy prizes to encourage him to eat his “main” food. It is counterproductive, since the puppy may end up refusing to eat his croquettes without first having received a treat.

Do not overfeed the puppy. The puppy’s appetite will vary depending on his age, but don’t be tempted to give more food if he eats it all or to give him food at a different time if they leave something from a previous meal. They will eat when they are hungry, and it is recommended to give them small and frequent portions.

Although it may be difficult, it is essential to follow the recommendations on feeding and exercise for the puppy and thus avoid possible future health problems. Follow these guidelines, pay attention to your diet and spend a lot of time playing; Thus, the beginning of your life together will be the best you can bring.

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