Dangerous dog breeds or bad education?

It is very controversial whether there are naturally dangerous dog breeds or is it just bad education; in this article, you will get an answer.

This question is asked by laymen and experts, but the topic is very controversial. Are there any dangerous dog breeds or is it just bad education?

It is obvious that dangerous dog breeds are a human creation. But it has not been proven that there are races that are inherently dangerous. However, there are aggression-enhancing situations and irresponsible dog owners.

Where does this myth come from?

Again and again, there are attacks from dogs to humans. Often these are Rottweiler, Doggen o the Pitbulls, who react aggressively. Many dog ​​owners have therefore separated from their animals because they believe that their aggressiveness can not be treated.

But this is irresponsible and not a solution.

Many believe that certain dog breeds are more aggressive than others. In fact, the reasons why a dog is aggressive are far more complex. Certainly some species are stronger than others, but it depends on many other things.

Factors such as personality, breeding and its surroundings decisively influence the character of an animal. No dog breed is inherently more aggressive than others, at least this has not been proven until today.

The truth about dangerous dog breeds

Wolves, the ancestors of dogs, were not aggressive towards humans. We humans have awakened this primal instinct in them.

Even a dog is not aggressive by nature, it behaves the way you treat and educate it.

For example, in recent years, you have been able to read about aggressive pit bulls attacking humans. But you have to investigate why that is.

They probably have too little exercise and exercise and therefore develop destructive and aggressive behavior. This is also the case with other breeds: if animals are not kept in an appropriate manner, they are often disturbed.

If the potentially dangerous breeds have something in common, it’s because they’ve been bred for heavy work or big prey hunting.

Dobermann and Rottweiler are security animals defending their territory. Pitbull and several Great Danes were bred to guard cattle. Here we have another common factor: none of these breeds is still doing the work for which they were bred.

Another mistake is the humanization of pets. Some dogs are dressed as humans, causing the animal an identity problem. This identity problem leads to undesirable behaviors.

Luckily, it’s not just bad news. Aggressiveness is a behavior that can be corrected, even if the animal is already fully grown. It is enough to offer him a good education.

Educate a dog properly

There are no dangerous dog breeds, but all dogs can be dangerous. Once you understand this, you need to start educating as early as possible to avoid problems.

Depending on the breed of dog, it requires appropriate exercises that are tailored to the physical needs: a short walk in the morning and evening is not enough. As the owner, it must be your ambition to ensure the welfare of your dog. So it’s time to think about other activities.

Likewise, you must teach your dog to unconditionally obey and know who is in charge. Obedience exercises are compulsory for all dog breeds. There are several safe methods to succeed.

Another option is to sterilize the animal. It has been proven that this process helps to calm the instinct of the animal in all areas, so that it is more balanced.

A good education and the proper handling of the dog is fundamental to avoid aggression, no matter whether it is dangerous dog breeds or not. So it’s up to the dog owner to avoid future problems.

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