Do you know these dog breeds with wrinkles?

Do you know dog breeds with wrinkles that are so funny and adorable at the same time? Today we introduce you to some who might surprise you.

When we think of dog breeds with wrinkles, we immediately think of the Shar-Pei. But this is not the only breed with wrinkles that are strange and adorable at the same time. Today we introduce you to some Raseen that can surprise you.

Dog breeds with wrinkles

Many love dogs with wrinkles and there are various breeds that actually look cute and cute. But do not forget that a wrinkled dog needs more care than a dog with normal skin and coat.

These are the loveliest dog breeds with wrinkles:

Shar Pei

He is the king of wretched dogs, so he is at the very beginning of our list.

As you know, this dog (cover picture) is from China. There is no explanation for the origin of its wrinkles, but they make it unique and beautiful.

With age, the Shar-Pei seems to have fewer wrinkles, but still, it is beautiful. He has the most wrinkles of all races!

Bordeaux Great Dane

Also, the Bordeaux Great Dane has many wrinkles, especially on the face and around the neck.

As a puppy, these are even clearer and remain even in adulthood. Despite the size and the rough aspect, the wrinkles soften the look and appearance of this mastiff.

They perfectly reflect their character, which is characterized by friendliness, peace and good nature.


The folds of the bloodhound often go unnoticed, especially because he has very noticeable ears that stand out from anything else.

His neck, his face, his ears and his whole body, however, are covered by wrinkled and drooping skin.

This gives it a noble appearance, which actually matches the behavior of the dog.

For this reason, and because of his quiet and friendly nature, he is employed as a rescue and even as a therapy dog.


Do you know a lovable dog, then this one? Although especially the small size, the flat nose, and the big eyes stand out, it is the wrinkled skin that gives it that certain something.

Since the pug is loving and playful, he is perfect as a pet and is especially ideal for children. However, if he is to accompany you to training, do not think he can follow your rhythm.

French bulldog

This enchanting breed attracts everyone’s attention. The chubby body has smooth skin, but the face is covered in lovable wrinkles, which give this bulldog a very special aspect.

This small, stocky dog ​​is perfect as a pet because he is very happy and funny. As puppies they are beautiful and although they may have respiratory problems with the flat nose, this should not be a serious problem.

Have you never had any of these dog breeds with wrinkles? If you are thinking about adopting a new pet, remember that there is something that distinguishes all these breeds: their calm but happy character.

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