Do you want a cat that does not lose a coat?

Be it a “bald” cat or not, there are different breeds that do not hair. They also have different characters.

Many people are reluctant to adopt a cat because the animals lose so much fur. If you feel the same, then today we would like to introduce you to different breeds that do not distribute tufts of fur in the house.

Get to know cat breeds that do not lose a coat

Surely you have thought of one or the other when you read the title. Find out if she also appears in our list!

Sphynx cat

Surely you already know this cat breed. She has Egyptian features and not a hair on the body. Maybe she’s not exactly graceful, but for a lot of people, that’s what makes her so appealing.

However, you can not argue about taste. Just look at our post picture and make your own judgment.

Despite her robust and arrogant appearance, she is an ideal pet that lovingly behaves towards children and other family members. On her skin grows a thin, almost unnoticeable fuzz that leaves no marks on the hair.

If you want an independent, yet cuddly cat that does not lose any fur, then it might be right for you.

Cornish Rex cat

These velvet paws have fur, but it is short and curly. That’s how they feel about many dog ​​breeds. Instead of losing the coat, it makes knots. That is why it is so important to brush these animals often.

Since the soft fur layer is very close to her body, it leaves nowhere tufts.

Cornish Rex cats have a lot of energy, so you need to spend time with them to play. Apart from that, this cat breed is extremely cuddly, so you will spend many pleasant and fun moments with it.

It is an ideal pet for a family, even with children … and in addition, she does not lose a coat!

Tonkanese cat

This is a mixture of Siamese and Burmese and their outstanding memory is the most striking feature of this velvet paw.

They are very playful and cuddly and not at all shy. Once you meet a Tonkinese cat you will find a good friend in it.

At first glance, it seems incredible that these animals do not hair, but it’s true. They leave no tufts of fur, so you can be completely reassured in this regard.

Devon Rex

Although this breed of cat has a coat, but very little, and it is short and is close to the body.

Also, they are not prone to hair, so the animals are perfect roommates for those looking for a cat that does not lose a coat.

Their coat is a bit similar to that of the Cornish Rex cat, although they have much more skin. It is almost impossible to tell where the skin stops and the coat starts.

They are naturally cheerful, happy, cuddly and playful. These velvet paws have a lot of energy. So do not be surprised if you see them stinging through your house like a tarantula.

They always want your attention and attention. They are cats, but they do not have the typically independent character of this species.

Siberian cat

Although the Siberian cat has a lot of fur, it does not leave any tufts wherever it occurs. Her coat is greasy so that it rests against her body and does not fly from her with every movement, as happens with other races.

This type of coat is ideal for the climate from which it comes because in Russia, it can be known to be quite cold. Her character is characterized by calm, domesticity, tenderness and family affection.

For these animals, there is nothing better than to be at home with their references and to feel loved and spoiled.

As you can see, tufts of fur are no longer an excuse not to share your home with a cat. There is more than one breed of cat that does not lose any fur and that you can keep at home.

So you also have the opportunity to share the time with your pet instead of sucking it all day long.

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