Five different terrier breeds

Although these moderately sized breeds have been bred for hunting rats and small mammals, they have become popular pets due to their temperament and their ability to learn.

Most terrier breeds are from the British Isles. Her name comes from Latin and means ‘earth’. These are small to medium-sized animals with rough and wiry fur, which have a bright and energetic character.

In this article, we will tell you about some terrier breeds.

How many terrier breeds are there?

Originally, they were bred to catch rats and small troublemakers. The British Terriers prepared the way for the American, which has a somewhat more combative character. There are nearly 40 terrier breeds in the world today.

This includes:

  • Jack Russell Terrier

This breed is characterized by being always present, robust and independent. Despite its small size, the Jack Russell Terrier is a workhorse that has a lot of stamina and power.

The majority of his body is, as you can see in our post picture, covered by a white fur layer with brown and black spots.

The ears fall and his short tail is always upright. His coat is dense and water repellent, as with most terriers.

2nd Bull Terrier

Due to its physical appearance, this is one of the most peculiar terrier breeds. He has a triangular-shaped head and triangular eyes.

The Bull Terrier is known through books, movies, and advertising. Although he has the same descent as the pit bull, there are two different races.

His body is strong and muscular, his coat short and white with some spots on his head and his ears are pointed up.

He has a balanced temperament and is obedient, if somewhat stubborn, polite, intelligent, courageous and active. In addition, he is very attached to his reference man.

3rd Yorkshire Terrier

This breed originated from a cross between Scottish and English Terriers during the Industrial Revolution. His name comes from the cities of York and Lancashire.

He stands out for his small size and his long, bi-colored coat – brown and black or gray.

His courage and perseverance are in direct opposition to his tiny physique.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a very active dog. He loves being at the center of attention at home, which is why he also tends to bark quite a bit.

In order to avoid that the barking becomes a problem, you have to educate him from the puppy age on.

  • West Highland White Terrier

This other tiny animal among the terrier breeds comes, as its name suggests, from the Scottish highlands. Its most prominent feature is the white, woolly fur.

In fact, the Westie was bred to hunt birds, rabbits, and rabbits.

He is friendly, courageous, energetic, balanced and social. The West Highland Terrier needs temperate but steady run.

Considering its practical size (it weighs no more than ten kilos), then you can understand that it is one of the most popular city dogs.

  • Boston Terrier

The last of our list of terrier breeds is the Boston Terrier. Although he comes from the US, but the American terrier breeds are of course also from the British.

Everyone loves this pet because of its small size. They weigh no more than 12 kilos.

He has a short snout, large, pointed ears, a compact body and strong limbs and a short tail. The short, close-fitting coat does not need much care.

This dog hears very well when taught obedience from puppy age. He is friendly if he is socialized early. His character is cheerful and he gets along well with children.

Terriers are among the most popular dogs in the world. Both British and American breeds have similar characteristics. You choose them because of their temperament, their size and because it is quite easy to educate them.

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