Race Portrait Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese stubby black cat is ideal for families because it is very active and playful.

The Japanese Bobtail is one of the world’s most famous cat breeds. It is known as a lucky charm and therefore very popular. Today we want to tell you everything you need to know about this Japanese pet.

Japanese Bobtail: Pet with story

She is one of the oldest breeds in Japan. It is not known what breed she originally came from, but it is certain that she has been with the Japanese for a long time. There are records from the fifteenth century, where she is described in legends and as a hero in various legends of the country.

It is believed that it was introduced to the country from China in the 6th century AD. Until the 17th century, it was common to see these cats in the homes of rich Japanese residents.

Features of the Japanese Bobtail

She is a medium-sized cat, but genetically, she has a short tail reminiscent of a rabbit, even though he has more hair. She has a rather slender body like oriental cats but is a bit more muscular.

The hind legs are longer than the front ones, giving the impression that they are always ready to jump. Her coat is very soft, thin and of moderate length, except for the tail, which is usually very noticeable.

Usually, the coat is covered with very large colored spots all over the body. The color of the coat varies between white, brown, black and sometimes cream. Her face has a triangular shape with distinctive mustaches and pointed ears. The eyes are roundish, similar to other Asian animals.

The Japanese Bobtail loves fun and games

The Japanese Bobtail is ideal for families because it is very active and playful. Besides, she is very curious about her surroundings. The Japanese stub-tailed cat is affectionate and constantly accompanies its owner, as she eventually wants to be pampered.

  • She is a very “talkative” cat. She usually answers with meows when she is approached.
  • She loves to greet all the people she meets with her paws. Usually, she greets the visit when the door opens gently.
  • Since she likes to play, she gets along very well with children. This is a very healthy way to move!

It should be noted that it is a very healthy cat that is resistant to almost all diseases. As for reproduction, they have litters of three to four puppies that run faster than any of their kind.

At birth, they have the peculiarity of being born with the partially developed tail that grows along with the creature.

During the sixteenth century, the silk industry was in crisis because of this cat, as the silkworm was one of her favorite loot, which resulted in the cat being knocked out.

A mystical cat

There are various myths and legends around the Japanese Bobtail:

Tragic origin

A Japanese legend tells that the characteristic tail of the Bobtail came about through accidental arson of a temple cat. The frightened cat ran through the city with a burning tail and set fire to countless houses so that the emperor ordered to cut off the tails of all cats, in order to prevent further tragedies.

The monster cat: Bakeneko

In a Japanese saga, it is said that a Japanese stub-tailed cat becomes a “beacon” when it reaches a certain age and size. She becomes aggressive, her cock grows and she wanders the streets to play pranks on the travelers in the area.

  • In contrast, there is also the Maneki-Neko or the lucky cat. In the Buddhist Gotokiji Temple, near Tokyo, this cat is worshiped. You can find their characters all over the world, but almost everyone believes that this is due to a Chinese tradition.

The Japanese Bobtail is a wonderful pet. With her, you will always have joy and company. It will give you many happy hours!

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