The Argentine hairless dog, an agile dog without hair

The Argentine hairless dog is mainly distributed in northern Argentina and popular because of its soft skin. According to Argentinian legends, this breed came into the country as a gift from the Incas. This gift should strengthen the relationship of nations.

The Argentine hairless dog (also called Pila) is a very loving dog and is therefore very good as a pet. He is playful and happy.

Read our article to learn about the care of the delicate skin of this dog and its attitude and health.

The Argentine hairless dog has many similarities with the Peruvian and the Mexican Nackthund (Xoloitzcuintle). These three breeds are endemic in Latin America and are characterized by the lack of hairiness.

For people who are unfamiliar with nude dogs, the skin may look as if they have been affected by an illness, such as scabies.

In fact, the coat is simply barely present in these breeds, leaving the skin almost completely nude.

Due to the lack of fur, the Argentine hairless dog is susceptible to skin diseases such as dermatitis or skin irritation. For this reason, the skin of the Argentine Naked Dog must be intensively cared for.

With proper care, the Argentine Hairless Dog has proven to be an extremely durable animal – it can live up to 20 years!

The Argentine hairless dog is widespread in the north of Argentina and is especially popular for its soft skin.

According to Argentine legends, these dogs came into the country as a gift from the Incas. This gift should strengthen the relationship of nations.

This breed is available in small, medium and large. However, the most widespread is the small Argentine hairless dog. Regardless of size, basic race characteristics remain the same, as does temperament.

The Argentine hairless dog proves to be very affectionate in living together with the family and other pets. One of the advantages is its adaptability to more crowded environments.

Argentinian nude dogs are also very playful and cheerful but still excellent watchdogs.

Characteristics of the Argentine Naked Dog

The origins of the Argentine Naked Dog are unknown as there are no exact historical records of this breed.

It is believed that the Argentine hairless dog came to Argentina as a gift from the Inca Empire. This theory is reinforced by the relationship between Argentine and Peruvian hairless dogs.

Although it has been around in Argentina for several centuries, this dog did not become popular until the twentieth century. Basically, naked animal breeds are not very popular worldwide.

Argentinian hairless dogs have almost no capillaries. As a result, they usually have virtually no hair on the body. They only have hair on certain areas.

Many Argentinian hairless dogs have fur on their heads and tail. However, this coat is never very thick or dense, but thin and dry.

Although the breed is not well known worldwide, the Argentine hairless dog is easy to spot. Your skin tends to be very dark, similar to a lead-gray color. There are also black or brown specimens with white spots on the belly and legs.

The Argentine hairless dog, like the greyhound, has a body with strong, sleek lines. He is thin and well proportioned, which makes him a fast and agile dog.

Argentine hairless dogs are also characterized by the fact that the ears are always upright, long and pointed and sit on a narrow head.

The Argentine hairless dog: a dog with a friendly and energetic character

The Argentine hairless dog is very suitable as a pet. He is a very affectionate, playful and happy but still patient dog. It is perfect for very active families because its body is very dynamic and full of energy.

Despite its energy, it adapts very well to any size of the apartment. Even if you live in a smaller apartment, you can keep an Argentine hairless dog. However, you should remember that he still needs a lot of exercises.

Daily walks are the perfect opportunity to exercise and bring the dog into contact with other animals. Walks have a very positive effect on the well-being of the Argentine Naked Dog, as it is a very sociable dog.

The Argentinian hairless dog is an excellent watchdog with appropriate training. Remember, too, that this is a very intelligent race that needs intellectual challenges.

Do not be afraid to raise the bar if he makes progress!

The Argentine Naked Dog: Care

It is particularly important, in addition to the basic care and attitude, that the Argentine hairless dog, can satisfy his need for exercise. If his urge to move is not satisfied, he can become restless and nervous.

Although this breed is very friendly and patient, the accumulated energy can lead to less positive behaviors. We recommend moving this dog through daily games and sports.

Racetracks are the ideal place for these intelligent dogs.

Another very important aspect of the Argentine hairless dog is its tender skin. Since she is not covered with hair, she is quite sensitive. For this reason, we recommend moisturizing them with hypoallergenic creams.

However, always talk to the veterinarian before you take care of your dog with certain products or give them to him.

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