The Eurasier, a dog breed with chow-chow influence

The Eurasier is a relatively modern breed of dog. Read our article to learn more about these cuddly fur noses.

There are beautiful dogs that you probably do not even know about. It may also be that you do not consider them pedigree dogs. Maybe that’s how you feel about the Eurasier. This is the beautiful dog we want to introduce you today.

What you should know about the Eurasier

Origin and history

The Eurasian comes from Germany and is the result of a crossbreeding of two different races, carried out by Julius Wipfel. He wanted to breed an animal that combined the virtues and traits of his two favorite breeds: Chow-Chow and Wolfsspitz. In the early 1960s, he made the crossing that led to a dog with amazing features.

A decade later, the breed was recognized by European dog associations. This happened even though Julius made the crossing without the genetic characteristics of the primitive Samoyed. The Chow Chow contains a lot of this breed.

It was Julius’ goal to “create” a dog with good character, and that was a trait that the primitive Samoyed, unfortunately, did not possess. However, the modern race of the Samoyed has a friendlier character, which is why it was used to breed the Eurasians.

Characteristics of Eurasiers

It is a strong, medium-sized animal with a strong back and well-developed muscles. Dogs are between 52 and 60 cm tall, bitches between 48 and 56 cm. Normally the male specimens weigh between 23 and 32 kg and the females between 18 and 26 kg.

His head resembles that of a wolf and many people confuse him with one. He is wedge-shaped with pointed, triangular ears and a black nose. His eyes are almond-shaped and dark, in good proportion to the head.

The dentition is strong, but not conspicuous. The tongue is dyed black and blue, this is a feature that has taken over the Eurasier Chow from the Chow. Not all Eurasians, however, show this feature, they can also be pink or blue-spotted.

His limbs are straight and strong. The fore and hind paws are the same lengths and he has a strong, heavy skeleton, which gives him his impressive aspect. The tail is also straight and covered with fur. She turns over his back when the dog is active.

The Eurasier’s coat is long, loose and feels a bit brittle. The inner coat is thick and tightly woven. All colors except the following are recognized: pure white, liver and white spots.

Character and temperament

The Eurasier is a friendly animal. He is very loyal to his owner and his family and has a peaceful character. That’s why he is an ideal pet for children. Calm and attentive, he is always ready to help or protect his people when necessary.

With strangers, however, his character changes: he is not aggressive, but shy and frightened. For this reason, he avoids strangers and tries to hide when guests come home. To reduce this behavior it is necessary to socialize the dogs from an early age.

However, this trait also has something positive: He is an excellent watchdog. It barely barks and is not aggressive, but warns you of the presence of strangers near your home.

Health and care

The Eurasier is not a nervous dog, so he does not need a lot of training. He should still get some exercise every day. His education must be consistent and regular so that he does not get used to bad behavior.

His coat needs the best daily care, but at least three times a week he should be brushed. This is especially necessary during the change of coat. At this time you have to brush out dead hair, otherwise, they can accumulate and cause inflammation.

As you can see, the Eurasier is not a particularly difficult animal and he is really a great pet. If you are considering adopting a dog, do not doubt that the Eurasier can be what you were looking for.

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