The faithful Fila Brasileiro

We want to talk about a dog that we recorded in our racial “library”. And we think you should get to know him.

We want to talk about a dog that we recorded in our racial “library”. And we think you should get to know him. We refer to the Fila Brasileiro, an animal that is inspired and found in this saying: “Faithful as a Fila”. Let’s see why that is and what is special about this breed.

Meet the loyal Fila Brasileiro


It is believed that instead of being “created” by humans crossing various dogs, this breed has evolved over time and adapted to the needs of the colonizers in Brazil.

Still, many think he’s a combination of three races: Bulldogs, Mastiffs, and Bloodhounds. The first Fila Brasileiro that were documented date back to 1671, a breed that is not too old when compared to others. However, it seems impossible to determine the exact time of their appearance.

The first inhabitants of Brazil needed a versatile dog who could do the work of a shepherd and a gamekeeper. They also demanded loyalty.

The Fila Brasileiro was also responsible for monitoring slaves on sugar plantations. Otherwise, the approximately 200 workers on a plantation would have easily escaped. Even as slavery was abolished, the Fila Brasileiro continued to perform other duties.

Around the year 1954, some copies were exported to Germany. So the breed spread throughout the world.

Characteristics of Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro belongs to the Molosser group. His coat is always smooth, monochrome and without stains. However, white spots on the feet, chest and tail tip are allowed. And sometimes they can have a black mask. All colors are legal, except striped, spotted, black or fiery red Fila Brasileiro. His coat is short and soft.

On the other hand, although it is thick, its skin is loose, similar to the Shar-Pei. He has wrinkles and at the height of the neck a pronounced double chin. The wrinkles may appear on the chest and abdomen, and although he has no flats on his head, these may occur when he is in an alarm position.

The dimensions of the male are 65 to 75 cm, while the females are about five inches smaller. The weight can reach 50 kg, in females 40 kg. But they are still flexible and flexible and can climb a 1.70-meter-high wall.

Fila Brasileiro’s ears are long and hang down the sides of his face, while his eyes are almond-shaped with a hue ranging from dark brown to yellow.

The character of the Fila Brasileiro

As we said in the beginning, the Fila Brasileiro is a dog that is very loyal, although he shows his dislike of strangers with the same intensity. Therefore, it is said that this breed has a dual personality.

In fact, breeders consider the Fila Brasileiro’s temperament much more than their physical appearance when choosing it for breeding.

He is considered courageous, docile, obedient and very tolerant of children. His character is calm, although he radiates a lot of self-confidence and confidence and easily adapts to new environments.

Health and care

It should be noted that there are no health problems with this breed, except for hip dysplasia, but not all dogs of this breed suffer from it.

Their ears and skin folds are the favorite places of parasites and bacteria and need special care. Check them at least several times a week and clean them with a damp cotton ball to keep your pet healthy. Brush his coat once a week to remove dirt from hidden areas.

The Fila Brasileiro is a special dog and his character could sometimes be a bit complicated. Consider this along with its size and think carefully about whether this is the dog you need. Remember, adoption is a big responsibility.

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