The tracking dogs 5 interesting races

Beagles have a particularly well-developed sense of smell and are versatile.

In the hunting dogs category is the detection of dogs whose sense of smell is more developed than others. The detection of dogs can vary in size and are also used as rescue workers. We will introduce you to some of them afterward.

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As the name suggests, the “main activity” of the detection dogs is to sniff everything. Although all breeds do this because dogs use their sense of smell to detect food or danger, however, tracking dogs have very special features, including a snout that is greatly elongated:

  • Beagle

When we think of a beagle, we usually imagine a beagle. This small to medium-sized breed is used to detect rabbits and rabbits because of their enormous sense of smell and their instinctive instincts.

The Beagle (cover photo) has been around for hundreds of years. He was bred and educated in England as a companion dog in the country since the 16th century.

He is closely associated with the Elizabethan era, for the queen was a fanatic of this race.

  • Basset Hound

He too is one of the most famous detection dogs. It is known for its short legs, long ears, elongated body and sophisticated sense of smell.

It originated in France at the end of the 19th century by the crossing of an English dog with a Bloodhound and soon became a favorite among the nobles.

The Basset Hound is very calm and friendly, but also a bit stubborn. It is a faithful, loving and playful race, especially when children are present.

He loves to sleep and eat for hours and can be a bit sluggish to do sports. But beware: he tends to overweight if he does not move enough.

  • 3rd St. Hubertushund

The Blood Hound (his English name) is one of the largest detection dogs and has the most advanced sense of smell. There are cases in which he was able to track 15-day-old tracks. In some countries, the police use him as a detection dog.

The St. Hubertushund, which was named after the monastery of the same name in Belgium, was created by the crossing of several hunting dog breeds and was then brought by King William to England.

The main features of this dog are its large head with wrinkles, very long ears, short brown or black fur and sturdy paws and body.

  • English Foxhound

This breed looks very similar to the Beagle, but it is a bit higher. The English Foxhound descends from St. Hubertushund and his main task is to accompany the mounted hunters.

It is characterized by its resilience: it can run for miles, without getting tired.

It is not common for this breed to be selected as a pet; he prefers to be in packs with several conspecifics.

Among the physical characteristics is to emphasize that the coat is short and tricolor (white, black and brown), hang down the ears as in all tracking dogs and he weighs at most 40 kg.

  • Basset bleu de Gascogne

The last of the sniffer dogs on this list is of French origin and is very rarely seen outside this country. It is one of the six internationally recognized breeds of Bassets.

The Basset bleu de Gascogne has short legs, an elongated body, a long tail and medium-length ears hanging from the sides.

It is called “blue” because its coat has a very distinctive appearance. A very similar breed is the Petit bleu de Gascogne, which is larger than the Basset and has longer legs.

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