The wirehaired Fox Terrier

One of the most popular pets in the world: the wirehaired Fox Terrier! Find out all about this wonderful dog breed here!

The Fox Terrier is one of the most popular pets of all time. These include two different breeds since the 1920s: the wirehaired Fox Terrier and the Smooth-haired Fox Terrier, which were bred for various purposes. Did you know that they were originally hunting dogs? Keep reading and find out about these dogs!

The wirehaired Fox Terrier as a guard dog

No one knows exactly when this breed was created, but there are records that date back to the 19th century. These dogs are descended from the Bull Terrier and the Black English Terrier. The British Kennel Club classified both wirehaired and smooth-haired breeds in a group until they were accepted by the FCI as two distinct races in the mid-1920s.

These dogs were originally bred for hunting foxes, rabbits and other small animals. The Fox Terrier is one of the most active and attentive dogs available today. That sometimes makes it difficult to control him.

Physical characteristics

These dogs are short and easy, so they are also very skilled and perfect pets in a busy neighborhood.


  • The head weighs between seven and eight kilograms.
  • The muzzle is usually as big as the head.
  • The jaw is perfectly aligned and scissor-shaped.
  • The nose is small and black.
  • The eyes are round, medium and dark, the distance symmetrical.
  • The small triangular ears are aligned forward.


  • The Drathaar Fox Terrier reaches a shoulder height between 38 and 40 cm.
  • The chest is deep, the back is compact and curved. The small, strong limbs can move very fast.
  • The tail is medium long and can be rolled.
  • The coat is short, thick and wiry. Mostly it is brown in the eye area, on the body the animal often has black or brown spots.

It is a dynamic and interesting hunting dog, which can be kept not only in the country but also in a city if it has enough exercise and exercise.


Terriers are born hunters, which makes them exceptionally intelligent. A Fox Terrier will never have to catch up with you because he is very curious and always alert to see sudden movements immediately.

The wirehaired Fox Terrier is very friendly to his keeper and is learning fast. However, he gets bored quickly when he has to repeat the same task over and over again during training. When he gets bored, he begins to dig holes.

The Fox Terrier is very friendly towards humans and most dog breeds. Being very affectionate and playful, he makes an ideal pet for families, especially those who are physically active.

Do not forget, however, that this breed still retains the original hunting instinct. This can sometimes be a problem because this Fox Terrier can also chase a cat or a car!


Training the Fox Terrier can be a challenge, so obedience must be a top priority. Only when this works, you can concentrate on other commands. This breed learns fast and believes to be equal to the owner.

A well-trained Terrier can take part in challenging competitions to demonstrate his agility or skill in dealing with obstacles. Also at dog shows, this breed is often found, because it is very versatile.


The wirehaired Fox Terrier is robust and not particularly susceptible to disease. It is, therefore, no exception within the group of terriers. Nevertheless, there are certain diseases that can occur.

These animals are physically very active, which can lead to bone fractures, especially in the shoulders of older animals. They also tend to develop eye problems in old age.

You may be suffering from cataracts, glaucoma and ectopia lentis (displacement of the eye lens). Ectopia lentis can be treated with medication or by removing the lens. Thereafter, the rest of the dog’s life must be used eye drops.

William Haynes: “Even if they are very ill, they recover wonderfully fast.”

Apart from diseases that require special care, you should brush your coat regularly. Not only to remove dead hair but also to make the coat shine beautifully. You should also pay attention to fleas or ticks that can nest between the hair.

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